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You walk out of your house, which sits on your property. You know this. But what gives you the right to call it your house and your property? That’s a question that any first time home buyer could have. The answer is your title. So, what is title?

Title is a document which states the rights a person or group of people have in a piece of property. Of course, the use of a title can help with many things related to the property. For example, did you know that the title can help potential buyers and owners learn more about usage rights, easments, natural resource rights, existing liens and other rights?

At the end of the day though, the title is proof – proof of ownership of the property. Always be sure to secure the title in an area that’s secure. Since it’s the proof needed to claim ownership of property, you wouldn’t want this important document to be lost, let alone, be in a place where anyone could just snatch it.