Quiet Title.com is the leading Michigan law firm providing quiet title services and title clearance services.

Quiet Title.com’s innovative approach to Quiet Title related services is unparalleled.  Our approach uniquely positions us to achieve outstanding results.  We take great pride in being the leading Quiet Title law firm servicing homeowners, loan officers and title insurance agencies.

Questions?  We offer free answers to questions that you may have about the process. We love to help. We are passionate about solving the most difficult problems. Don’t be shy…Call us at (248) 399-3300.

Quiet Title.com believes that the good will of those we serve is the foundation of our success.

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We are STATEWIDE (yes, that includes the beloved upper-peninsula).

We are really FAST.  You give us the info and we will open the file the same day!

We live and breathe Quiet Title.  Let our EXPERIENCE give you the edge.

We have a HUGE STAFF of SMART lawyers and paralegals to solve difficult issues.

Our business model is FAIR and COST EFFECTIVE.