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Closings and Quiet Title

There's nothing like closing in on a property. Just imagine, the realtor is there; the title company is there; the mortgage broker is there; everyone is there to see the property closed on successfully. But then it strikes - the moment when you realize there is a...

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Property Divorce: Dividing with Partition Action

When a pair living together decides to end their relationship, many things can be up in the air as to what belongs to whom. One of these things could be your very own property. When it comes to your property, dividing it becomes an issue, since you and the other...

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Property Dispute: What do I do?

Property dispute is as old as time. People waging war over territories, herds of animals migrating to take over a plot of land for a period of time. Throughout time, property dispute has been pervasive and it's just as existent today as it was before even our great...

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Quit Claim Deed or Warranty Deed?

Should I take ownership of a property with a Quit Claim Deed? This is a common question we get at and an important one to ask. For the uninitiated, a Quit Claim Deed is to a degree, buying something as is. This means any issues and/or defects with the...

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What is a Quiet Title?

At, we often get this question from people: Is a Quiet Title action a lawsuit or is it just a review of title documents? Darren Findling answers this question as to what a Quiet Title action really is. is ready to resolve your title...

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Quiet Title: Simple and Easy, Worldwide is based in the State of Michigan, but our reach is worldwide. How can we tell? Because of the volume of inquiries and calls we get from other states, other countries and even other continents on a daily basis. This is all possible through today's...

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Our Parents Left Us Their House – Now What?

If you own a house jointly with others, you have rights. All too often our loved ones have failed to make provisions for their real property after their death. Even those that have provisions might not have accounted for the dynamic between their heirs.  Because of...

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Over the past three years, our team at The Darren Findling Law Firm has been dedicated to providing excellence in customer service resulting in trusting relationships with our clients. In doing so, our commitment and focus has taken us on an exciting journey of growth...

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Picture It You’re so excited – you just purchased a terrific piece of real estate at a tax auction for dirt cheap. Your only thought is probably, “How was I fortunate enough to find such a hidden gem?” You won the bid and now own the piece of property. Case closed,...

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