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Buying a Property Without a Title Search

It happens so much, you hate to see it: Someone agrees to purchase a house and upon moving in, they learn about a number of defects within the title. Quite often, people will purchase a home without any title search. A title search is the process in which an...

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The Importance of a Deed

Imagine this: You return to your house after a day out. You notice when looking in at your house that something was knocked over. That wasn't like that when you left. So, you reach to get your house key and put your hand on the door handle. Then you realize something:...

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What is Title?

You walk out of your house, which sits on your property. You know this. But what gives you the right to call it your house and your property? That's a question that any first time home buyer could have. The answer is your title. So, what is title? Title is a document...

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Step by Step Guide to the Quiet Title Process

A quiet title process is a lawsuit filed in the court to correct the defect. While it's helpful to know the quiet title process, it's hard to do everything out without the help of an attorney with quiet title experience. Darren Findling of explains why...

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How to Title a Property

As you're preparing to purchase a property along with another individual or group of people, a simple question pops up. How should the property be titled? To be blunt, there are a multitude of ways in which someone can title their property. Darren Findling of Quiet...

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I Want to Buy My Neighbor’s House

You're in your neighborhood and you spot a fantastic looking house. It's so fantastic in your mind that you actually go up to the neighbor's house, knock on their door and you tell them that you want to buy their house. The neighbor agrees, and as you're about to make...

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Closings and Quiet Title

There's nothing like closing in on a property. Just imagine, the realtor is there; the title company is there; the mortgage broker is there; everyone is there to see the property closed on successfully. But then it strikes - the moment when you realize there is a...

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Property Divorce: Dividing with Partition Action

When a pair living together decides to end their relationship, many things can be up in the air as to what belongs to whom. One of these things could be your very own property. When it comes to your property, dividing it becomes an issue, since you and the other...

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Property Dispute: What do I do?

Property dispute is as old as time. People waging war over territories, herds of animals migrating to take over a plot of land for a period of time. Throughout time, property dispute has been pervasive and it's just as existent today as it was before even our great...

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