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Inside Fort Mackinac are many different artifacts, centuries old and full of history. One particular artifact captured my attention though, and that was an old deed. This deed that you see up top was written in 1796. To what you may ask? To the entire island of Mackinac.

To see that old of a deed got me thinking. Exactly what were deeds like back then? What are the differences between a deed now and 20 years after the Revolutionary War? Quiet Title Attorney and President of QuietTitle.com Darren Findling provides insight on what deeds were like back then compared to now.

As you learned from Darren, deeds are no longer written on a large piece of paper. Instead, they’re recorded on your standard legal sized paper and recorded at the register of deeds. The deed does not need to be typed, but when you take into account just how fast computers are in regards to word processing, it makes things a lot easier – that’s not even taking into the account of the added security computers have to ensure the deed is protected. With that said, if the preferred option is to have the deed handwritten, that is perfectly fine.

Now as time has moved forward, certain requirements have changed or been added. The register of deeds requires that the deed possess some elements within the document. This includes legibility, the document being printed with a certain type of ink, the signature and a witness. Most important though is that it needs to be made sure the deed that’s been drafted can convey the interest from one person or entity to another. This is what’s known as conveying within the chain of title – making sure that the title is marketable, insurable and clean from one person or entity to the other.

Of course, there’s always the chance that there could be an issue with the title, which comes from within the deed. If there’s ever a problem with the deed or title, it must be fixed in order to be able to market the property. When this happens, you will need to go through the quiet title process. If you have a title that needs to be cleaned, the attorneys at QuietTitle.com can help you through the process. Give us a call today at (877)-YOUR-FIRM to get a free title evaluation and one step forward to a clean title.