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Imagine this: You return to your house after a day out. You notice when looking in at your house that something was knocked over. That wasn’t like that when you left. So, you reach to get your house key and put your hand on the door handle. Then you realize something: the door is unlocked – but you locked it when you left the house.

You enter your home to find a stranger moseying around, taking things left and right. You call the cops and they come over. When they arrive, this stranger pulls out a document that looks familiar – it’s your deed! Or, so this stranger would want you to think.

Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry was a victim of something similar to this last month. She discovered that someone tried to claim her house with a fake deed. While it happened to her, you shouldn’t think that you are impervious to having a situation similar to this occur.

Darren Findling of QuietTitle.com offers advice on how you can protect yourself in the case of an event such as what Halle Berry went through.