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The quiet title process is very detailed to explain. It’s a process that can be discussed for hours and we’d still not be getting everything explained. So when we usually get a long explanation, we take notes, just as any student would do in class. So, we took the quiet title process and found six steps that are worth remembering. Keep in mind that these steps are sequential and must be followed in order. With that said, lets take a look at six steps to quiet title below.

Step 1. Analyze the title and understand the defect(s) that exist upon which you must remove the interests.

Step 2. Build and prepare the lawsuit for filing in the county in which the property resides. If the property is in Macomb County and you live in Oakland County, you must go to the Macomb County to make the filing.

Step 3. Serve the lawsuit upon all of the defendants. This can be done personally, or by alternate means.

Step 4. Address responsive pleading(s) which relate to the lawsuit itself.

Step 5. Litigate the issue, so that you can proceed to adjudicate.

Step 6. Get a judgement to record in the chain of title.


These are six steps to quiet title, but as mentioned before, this is a very detailed process. These six steps to quiet title can help you, but you’ll still need to put in the work. Part of that comes with finding a good quiet title attorney who can make sure the the title is clean of any defect.

At QuietTitle.com, we make sure you are on your way to getting your title cleaned. We’ve broken the process down for you and we can serve for you as well, taking care of all the details that go with the process. If there’s a break in the chain of title on your property, you’ll need to get it cleaned – so give us a call at (877) YOUR-FIRM and we’ll be glad to work with you on getting your title cleaned.