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Even though you acquired your property by a deed, it does not mean that you own it without title defects. If there are defects, they can be corrected through a process called Quiet Title. Properly performed, this process will correct the defects and allow you to refinance or sell your property.

Darren Findling and his team specialize in Quiet Title actions. This action will permanently correct the title defect allowing you to refinance or sell your property. No money down is required to begin the process.

Title is like a chain on a bicycle. Every link must connect together by a deed in the correct order. If there is a missing link, the chain is defective and will require a repair. If there is a title problem you will not be able to refinance or sell the property until the defect is corrected.

Some common examples of title defects include:
• A missing deed or gap in the chain of title
• An outstanding lien or mortgage
• A property bought at a Tax Sale
• A borrower’s failure to probate an estate